Permanent Lip Blush

The lip blush procedure is one of the newest and most exciting forms of permanent makeup. While permanent lipstick is a dramatic look that
may not be right for all women, permanent lip blush only adds a flush of healthy, youthful color. This procedure helps to remove harsh lines,
softening the pink between the lips and face.


The process of permanent lip blush application is a lot simpler than you may have imagined. At the begining of your appoinment, we’ll apply a
numbing cream to your lips to make sure you didn’t feel the tattooing. Using a pencil, we sketch out the ideal shape of your lips, and then we
begin. After 2-3 hours, the application will be complete. As with any tattooing, the color will appear extremely saturated for the first few days.
However, the hue will soften over the next week, fading slightly to match a natural tone.

We must note that if you’re subject to cold sores, the procedure may cause you to have a flare-up. Cold sores will generally show up several
days later, so it’s important to take a preventative dose of your cold sore medication at least two days before your appoinment.

How ling will my blush last?

As with any permanent deposition of ink, color retention is completely dependent on a
variety of factors. Amount of sun exposure, medication use, intensity of immune
response, colors used for your blush application, age and skin type. However, fading can
be counteracted by regular touch-ups. Book appointments every one or two years to
prevent the fading of your lip blush.

Will the procedure hurt?

Because we apply a generous amount of numbing cream to your lips before the
procedure, you should remain pain-free.

How long will i take to heal?

The whole healing process shouldn’t take longer than a week. During the first two days,
some irritation and swelling is normal, followed by mild peeling of skin on the lips. After two or three days, the peeling will conclude, and your lips should heal quickly and with only
minor discomfort.


As mentioned, if you have herpes or cold sores, please take a prophylatic regimen of
your antiviral medication for two to three days before the procedure and two to three days after.

What will the lip blush look like?

Permanent lip blush isn’t meant to replace lipstick. The procedure will give your lips an
extra “pop” that should be indistinguishable from the natural look of pink, blushed lips. If
you’re looking for something dramatic, this procedure may not be for you; but if you enjoy
looking elegant in your day to day without having to put on a full face of makeup,
permanent lip blush might be the trick!


For women who have naturally brown or dark pigmentation in their lips, it may be difficult
to add subtle shades of pink to them. Also if your lips have suffered a great deal of sun
damage, the permanent lip blush procedure may damage them.

However, each case must be decided by the esthetician individually. If interested in
scheduling an appoinment, please send our esthetician a photo of your lips so they can
make a determination.

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