About Us


I’m Maryam Moheet, and I’ll be the cosmetologist responsible for your procedures. I am licensed by California to practice Cosmetology and Microblading, meaning that I have been certified to take care of your aesthetic needs in a sensitive, skilled, and superior manner. I’ve had a personal passion for cosmetology for the lion’s share of my life, and the foundation of W Microblading Salon represents the transformation of that personal passion into professional pride. Feel free to inquire how my salon and I can help you with your eyebrow microblading and tattooing needs.

Permanent makeup application is a sensitive procedure, and we know that you’re taking the issue seriously. At W Microblading Salon, we offer eyebrow microblading, the process of sculpting shape and fullness to eyebrows; and eyebrow tattooing, a means of permanently applying cosmetics. More than simply offering those services, we at W Microblading Salon are proud to also say that we stay at the cutting-edge of cosmetology sciences and products for the sake of our clients’ aesthetic needs.