microblading faq

I’ve heard about “microblading”. What is it, exactly?
“Microblading”, or 3D eyebrow embroidery, is a process of applying permanent makeup to the eyebrows. A skilled esthetician dips a tiny, angled blade, which is set with a row of even smaller needles, into ink, which is then delicately scraped through the eyebrows. The strokes create tiny tattoos that mimic natural hair.

The benefit of microblading is that the large number of small marks is both subtle and naturally fit in with a person’s hair density and color, whereas traditional eyebrow tattooing can often look unnatural and too different than a person’s natural brows.

Is the microblading procedure expensive?
The price for the procedure is $699. However, we often run promotions that could save you money. Feel free to contact us to find out if we’re running a promotion at this time.

What other benefits are there to microblading?
With a skilled artist handling the microblade tool, far more finesse and personalization can be applied to the procedure than what is capable with a tattoo machine. Individual “hairs” can be drawn in by the artist to match the preexisting brow shape, variations in color can be chosen to match an individual’s hair, and the delicate procedure is far less obtrusive than a machine-tattooed pattern.

But do the end results look like real hair?
Absolutely! Because a skilled artist blends in hair to match your brow’s natural patterns, the end results are both elegant and inconspicuous.

What are the steps involved in microblading?

1. Consultation
2. Microblading Procedure
3. In Home Care
4. Touch Up Procedure

For the first twenty minutes, our staff will privately consult with you regarding your microblading desires, your current hair patterns, and what can be expected from the procedure. Once an appointment is made, two to three hours will be dedicated to the microblading procedure itself. You will be sent home with a list of instructions and ointments for homecare. Within two months, you can return for a complimentary, but recommended, follow-up procedure to talk with the specialist about your results and to have the final stages of your microblading procedure completed in forty minutes. After six months, we will encourage you to return for another microblading session to minimize the risk of long-term fading.

What happens during one of the consultation sessions?
During the consultation, one of our specialists will take notes about your long-term hopes for microblading, and use a cosmetics pencil to “draw” an outline of eyebrow shapes according to your specifications. Ink colors will then be picked that match and compliment your natural hair color and skin tone. The consultation can be done on a different day than the procedure, should you choose to give the questions of shape and color some thought; or it can be done on the day of the microblading procedure, if you want to save time.

I’m scheduled to have microblading done. How do I get ready?
Before you head into the office to have the procedure done, we highly recommend that you visit our Instagram site. There, we list a wide variety of images that show various shapes and styles of eyebrow. You can choose from a light and feathered brow to a sleek, bold look; from arched to straight. Feel free to come in with your own suggestions and with pictures of what you’d like done. Our artists are happy to work with you to design a look that works best for you.

In the week leading up to your appointment, please avoid using or ingesting blood thinners, aspirin, alcohol, or Retin-A creams, as these might cause excess bleeding or harm during your procedure.

Also, consider limiting your sun exposure for thirty days prior to and following your session. Tanned skin is skin that has suffered microtrauma, and microtrauma may interfere with the microblading procedure or its ability to heal.

What happens during the microblading procedure itself?
Microblading should take approximately two hours. However, depending on the artist and the complexity of the task, the procedure may take up to three hours. A touch-up should take approximately thirty minutes, but if the original work failed to take or your skin wasn’t able to accept the ink properly, the technician may take up to two hours to rework the inking.

The standard procedure will work according to the following steps:

1. Your tastes and desires for the microblading procedure will be noted by the technician, who will discuss possible options with you, such as shape, style, and color matching. Other questions will be asked, such as, “What is your everyday makeup routine?” and “What is your preferred look?”.
2. Next, the technician will use a cosmetic pencil to sculpt the modified eyebrow shape directly on your face. This will allow you to get an idea of how the eyebrows will look after the procedure and allow you to make changes before the tattooing begins. Once finished, the drawing will act as a guide to which the technician can refer while working.
3. The microblading itself will begin once you and your technician are confident that a good design has been selected.
4. Since microblading is a form of tattooing, there will be quite a bit of excess ink left on your face after the procedure. Your technician will use a gentle baby wipe to blot off that ink, and you will be able to see the finished eyebrow work immediately. Accounting for some redness and irritation, you will be able to show off your newly sculpted brows anywhere you choose.
5. Your technician may ask your permission to take before-and-after snapshots of your eyebrows. Artists use these photos as samples of their professional work, and we often use them in our Instagram account to give other clients an idea of what can be expected from a microblading session.

Is microblading painful?
Unfortunately, pain is a subjective quality that differs from person to person. We take measures to ensure the comfort of all clients, including application of a topical analgesic to the epidermis and maintaining constant communication during the procedure, but you may find that some areas of your eyebrow are more sensitive than others. However, don’t hesitate to communicate any fears or known sensitivity to your technician before the procedure begins—we all strive to make sure that your microblading session is a positive experience from beginning to end.

What are the homecare instructions for after the procedure?
Do not wash or use makeup remover on the procedure area(s), or apply makeup, for 24 hours after the procedure. Do not touch the procedure area(s) with your fingers—they may have bacteria on them and cause an infection. Use a clean cotton swab to apply A&D Ointment or Vaseline 5 times daily for 7 to 10 days. We suggest A&D Ointment and Vaseline over other products, as they are non-reactive for most clients. If you are allergic to them, ask your doctor for an alternative. Do not rub or traumatize the procedure area(s) during healing (as pigment may be removed along with crusting tissue). Avoid contact with animals, gardening, sunlight, saunas, jacuzzis, chlorinated pools, ocean water, and steam rooms. To preserve color for a longer time and prevent future fading of pigment color, always use a “total sun block” sunscreen until healing is complete. Do not use products that contain AHA’s on the procedure area(s) (Example: glycolic or lactic acids). Always check your product labeling, as these chemicals will fade your pigment color.

For all permanent makeup procedures: avoid swimming, tanning, steam rooms, and jacuzzis for one week.

When should I do the touch-up appointment? How much does it cost?
We recommend that you make an appointment for a touch-up within four to six weeks of your microblading procedure. We offer a free touch-up if your appointment is made within two months of your procedure, but if the appointment is made after the two-month timeframe, we will charge the full price of $200. Normally, the technician will book an appointment for your follow-up right after completing your initial microblading procedure.

How much does the six-month renewal of my microblading cost?
As microblading is a tattooing process, the work can fade over time. We highly recommend coming in for a six-month checkup and renewal of the original work. The renewal costs $699, but if you book an appointment within six months of your procedure, you will receive 50% off the original cost.

I’m pregnant. Can I have microblading done?
No. For safety purposes, we cannot recommend that you have microblading done while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Are there any other qualities that would prevent me from having microblading done?
We cannot provide microblading to people who: are under the age of 18, are pregnant or nursing, are suffering from diabetes, glaucoma, skin diseases such as shingles, psoriasis, or eczema on the treatment area, have makeup allergies, keloid disorder HIV, hepatitis, skin cancer, hemophilia, or take skin medications such as Roaccutane or steroids. Before booking a session, please inform us if you fall into one of the aforementioned categories.

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